An Indigenous Initiative Delivering Sustainable Economic Partnerships in Country

OM Business Development is a unique commercial consultancy focused on providing high level in country commercial advice, support and project and transaction facilitation services to:

  • Indigenous communities, organisations and individuals who seek to engage in/with the private economy and
  • those private sector organisations who genuinely seek to operate in country in partnership with on ground stakeholders

Formed in 2013, the organisation is majority indigenous owned, and registered to provide contract services to inter alia the Commonwealth Government. It has Indigenous, commercial and Government clients and has provided services to the Lendlease RAP executive since 2013.

The Principals and Directors are Terry O’Shane and George Macdonald.



Terry is a Western Yalanji elder with deep Indigenous networks across Australia, having served as a merchant seaman, Union representative, ATSIC Commissioner, representative to the International Labour Organisation and the United Nations among other things.

George brings 30 years of skill and networks from a career; which has included Mallesons, Adelaide Steam, Anaconda Nickel, Compass Resources, Habitat for Humanity Asia and the Cape York Group of companies, most at CEO or senior executive level.

In this case, OMBD’s community, institutional and Government relationships across the prospective project area are deep, personal and current. It is a proven operator working across the boundaries of private and indigenous business aspiration with a working knowledge of remote project development and stakeholder management borne of long operational experience.

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